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I'll be embarking on a big adventure in April.  I love getting out on the open road, especially after a long wet winter in the Pacific NW.   Driving down to Vegas for a wedding of horse photographers attended by horse photographers.  This might be a well documented couple of day!.  It will be fun to see everyone and celebrate a great event that we are all looking forward to. 

  After that, I drive down to Running Springs to pick up one of my long time partners in adventure, Sharon Fibelkorn so that we can drive to Palm Springs where we will make our base camp and branch out to various deserts including but not limited to Joshua Tree.  I am sure that some photo fun will commence.

 That will round out the week where upon I drop Sharon off back at her home and meet up with one of my other usual partners in adventure, Kim Vickrey and several other photographers in Solvang, CA for 5 days with our friend April Visel attending one of her famous workshops. Lots of horses and models and beach shoots and fun times.    As if that weren't enough, I will then drive down to Del Mar to cover the National Del Mar horse show for The Competitive Equestrian Magazine.  Hoping for a visit with photographer Terri Miller-Steiner (who I will have just seen in Vegas) as well.  Then I will see if I can find my way back north to home as the following weekend I have the Heart of the Valley Dressage show to photograph.   If I have internet and the presence of mind to be productive and Facebook doesnt take over, I will try to update my blog with some of my adventures.    

See you from the open road!