Left Portland in mid April south to Sacramento to stop by a dog show, over to Grass Valley to visit friends, then over the Sierra Nevada mountains to Vegas for the wedding of photographer Sue Stickle and Jonna Koellhoffer, which was attended by what else, a bunch of photographers.  The venue was the Neon Sign Museum. So much fun to see the old signs of a different age of Vegas. Loved seeing everyone in a relaxed atmosphere, as usually we are working international equestrian events when together.

 Then off  to Running Springs up in the mountains above L.A.  to grab Mizz Sharon Fibelkorn to spend some time in the desert of Palm Springs (thanks nephew for the use of the condo) while exploring Joshua Tree National Park and the very strange area of the Salton Sea.

  Then back to Running Springs to drop off Mizz Sharon  and I headed up north and over towards the coast to beautiful Solvang to photograph horses and models up in the hills over Santa Ynez Valley and down to Summerland beach.  It was a good week, no, a  great week!  Thanks to my roomie Kim Vickrey for being cool as always (see you in Iceland)  and  April Visel for organizing this extravaganza. 

 It was then time to head down to Del Mar to cover the dressage portion of the show, got in a visit with Terri and Axel Steiner and finally back up I-5 to home.   Just plotting this course gave me pause, it felt so complicated, but it all came off so smoothly.  Many thanks to my GPS for keeping me on track everywhere I went. 

What an adventure, meeting up with photographer friends all along the way.  Home now, photographed the Heart of the Valley Dressage show at DevonWood, planted our annual summer vegetable garden and starting to pack for 10 days in Iceland, starting June 1, with more photographer friends.  We will be taking a private plane to the northern part of Iceland and the weight/bag limits are serious, so packing must be exact with no extras.  I'll be packing and tossing out what I've packed a few times, I am sure.  Will arrive home in time to pack up the Airstream and drive up to photograph the Beaujolais Dressage show at Donida Farm (be kind to me jet lag)

and so on and so on.... welcome to Summer!