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The Elder Horse Project 


by Mary Cornelius, photographer

The Elder Horse Project was conceived by Mary in 2010 to provide horse owners with a keepsake of their of their elder horses while they are still with them. The hope is to avoid the painful regrets that come after losing them and wishing they had taken the time to have a nice portrait done to honor their memory.   The images also help to illustrate how older horses still have a valued place in our lives and our hearts. Veterinary practices and owner care has improved so much that there are many elder horses still amongst us.

 To date, 30 elders have been documented by Mary. The goal is to document 50.  

After taking a hiatus, TEHP is back in action for 2018 and accepting bookings.

The plan is to publish a book of images with a story on each horse is planned with a large portion of the net proceeds from the sale of the book going to the non profit organization benefitting horses in need, Sound Equine Options aka SEO.  If you aren't familiar with them, look them up and acquaint yourself with the wonderful work that they do. I have worked with SEO and am pleased to name them as a beneficiary of this project. 

How to Participate.  

The Elder Horse Project photo shoot for horses documented at 25 years and older will be at no cost.  Photo prints will be made available for sale from a gallery of the best images from the photo session at a 20% discount.

A short story about your senior horse will be required before booking.  The story provided by the owner will accompany a few select photos of your horse in the book.  

Locations more than 30 miles from Portland are asked to cover gas expenses.

Horses in Oregon and Washington are eligible (unless you would like to arrange for my travel to areas farther afield)  

Is your horse 20-24 years old?  As there have been so many people with horses in the 20-24 yr range who have requested to be included in The Elder Horse Project, not "quite" meeting the criteria for age, a discounted photo session is offered at $100. (regularly $250) If you would like your horse included in the book, a short story is required before the photo shoot is scheduled.  An online proof gallery of images from the photoshoot will be available from which to order prints.  Travel costs (gas) will be incurred for photo shoot locations more than 30 miles from Portland.  

Photo sessions of eligible elder horses can be booked at the same location/day in conjunction with younger horses who book at regular session prices or group session bookings. Group sessions are a great way to share travel costs for your senior horse as well as save on session pricing for horses not in the Elder Horse Project. (see Farm Call pricing)  

To discuss a photo session for your elder horse please write to Mary Cornelius  via this website at the contact link at the top of the page.  

I'm looking forward to meeting your senior horse!