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Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops  

My workshops are geared for the beginner to advanced amateur or emerging professional.  I try to formulate my workshop based on the level of skill of the attendees.  From a day at exclusive breeding farms, to small groups exploring portraiture, light and getting the most out of your camera. Often a mix of classroom time with shooting "out in the field".

  I also offer private photography lessons.  Sometimes ringside at competition events.


  Due to the fact that each make and model of camera is a bit different and I can't be knowledgeable about the individual way that each of them operates, most workshops require that you at least know what the basic buttons do on your camera.  

It is much easier to go into that kind of detail in a private lesson and you will get more out of that lesson if you have done a little study of your camera basics.  For those totally intimidated by that idea, no worries, we can spend the time at the very beginning. 

 Basic rules of how a camera operates with the balance of ISO/aperture and shutter speed are universal so once you know where your basic controls are and what they activate you will be ready for the next steps on what to do next! 


I  request that everyone that receives instruction from me, set their camera to manual mode so that you can start to get a solid foundation in the basics of how cameras work. Once you start to get a feel for being able to control your light, stop action and in general start to make some of your own choices versus letting your camera do it, your skill in photography will be much more rewarding as you will be on the path to bigger and better things in your results.  


Tip: If you have a new camera, perhaps your first camera or first digital, there is a bit of a learning curve and that instruction book can look overwhelming.  When I get a new camera, I just read a little bit at a time.   How to set my shutter speed, ISO and aperture.  How to remove and insert the battery and so on and so.  Play around with the little piece that you learned so that you can remember just one or two things before adding in more operations and add on from there. Its much easier to take little bites at a time and chew on them for a bit.  You will progress faster in the long run. 


 After a couple of years of holding workshops, I have not been able to find the time to schedule workshops lately, my schedule has been  unusually busy with assignments and travel.  I have some ideas for future workshops.  If you would like to get on the list to be informed of future workshops, drop me a line from the contact page on this site expressing your interest and level of experience and I will add you and keep you in the loop when I am ready to schedule something.  It always helps to have a group of people with similar experience and interest so that we can all be on the same page.   I am always happy to come to your farm or stable to give a workshop if you are able to gather a group of people interested in working on their photography skills.  


photo below of my first photography workshop in 2013 held at Wild Turkey Farm kindly  taken and kindly shared by Sharon Fibelkorn Chapman