The Elder Horse Project (EHP) is in full swing. You can find out more details on my FB page The Elder Horse Project or click the link at the top of the page. 

 I have been scheduling a few appointments each week as I have the time and collecting some great images and stories.  It is so rewarding to meet these elder equines.  They have "seen it all".  Currently I have as many elder horses as I can handle right now so I am reluctantly not encouraging more to be added until I can catch up to those that need to be photographed.  The response has been overwhelming!   The goal is to provide some cherished images for owners and to self publish a book on 50 of the horses, along with their story.  A generous portion of the net proceeeds will be donated to Sound Equine Options. 

I have a few update/corrections to my previously published schedule.   I have added the Twin Rivers Classic dressage show August 18-19 in Eugene at Silver Tail Farm to my schedule of official photographer duties. 


My 2018 Calendar of scheduled events

April-May-June-July-August-September -October   Farm Calls, portraiture sessions by appointment.

July - OLD/GOV - Inspection at Wild Turkey Farm Wilsonville OR

Auguest - Twin Rivers Classic  dressage show at Silver Tail Farm  Eugene, OR

September   ODS Championship & Open Show at DevonWood Eq Ctr

September 26-Oct 1   Assisting Terri Miller at the CDS Dressage Championship Show & Region 7 Finals in S. CA

Oct 9- 24  Morocco   Marrakech to Sahara and parts inbetween.